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Have you ever stopped to think about the transforming power of happiness? Let’s do a quick exercise of imagining those difficult days when the world seems to collapse over our heads. It only takes a simple sincere smile to light a fire that warms us inside. Suddenly it overflows and illuminates our own faces. Happiness is contagious. And being happy is something you learn. YES, it is. Start looking for joyful teachers in case you need to learn. When we surround ourselves with happy people, it is as though their energy is transmitted to us. Have you noticed that? Those folks of great heart, full of love, caring and respect. Because true, real, genuine happiness does not grow on hateful or vengeful grounds. By the way, originally, the word happiness stands for fruitful, because it is like a seed that always yields good fruits. Spread it across the world. We at Globe Trotter Intercâmbio e Viagens believe in happiness!

Watch the video:

Writer and Producer: Milson Veloso
Editor and Producer: Iolly Bruzaferro
Narrator: Rodrigo P. Honorato

Blog #GenteQueViaja – Produção e Edição: Milson Veloso – Jornalista, especialista em Comunicação Digital, Mestrando em Interações Midiáticas e viajante

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